TSLAQ Podcast

Episode 44 - Podcast Update w/ Tinge of Tinfoil

August 14, 2019

Brief Review of recent Interview Episodes (40, 41, & 43)

Discussion of $TSLAQ-sourced short idea list (for >$1/month Patrons)

Verbal discussion of the standardization of the ".D" cashtag nomenclature for unlikely-to-go-bankrupt short ideas

Talk about FSD and Insurability of Teslas with so-called Full Self-Driving

Turnover in the NHTSA

New Video (multiple angles) of a Tesla parallel parking attempt becoming legitimately scary to consider (https://twitter.com/KawasakiKR11/status/1161456566412939264?s=20)

Tinfoil portions of the episode inspired by 8/13/2019 NYT article regarding an 8/16/2018 visit to 9 East 71st St in Manhattan, NYC